You and Your Scottish Fold

You and your Scottish fold can be the very best of friends especially if you live alone. The Scottish fold will be your best friend and sit quietly in the same room so you know there is someone there with you.


You and your Scottish fold can have quiet evenings alone sitting and watching television, or maybe just sitting quietly while you read a nice long book. The Scottish fold will also enjoy following you around as you do your daily chores like daily cleaning or laundry.


The Scottish fold will even stay by your side or in the same room with you if you are trying to do your monthly bill paying or budget for the month. As long as the Scottish fold is close to you and knows you are well then everything is fine.

The Scottish fold will even sit and listen to you if you need someone to talk to. Most people who have a pet and they live alone feel much better knowing there is another living thing in the home with them. This takes away the feeling on loneliness that often comes from loving alone.

However, some people prefer to live alone rather than living with someone else. People live alone who have lived with others but have had bad relationships. Alternatively, people who have lost a close loved one and now live alone because of the loss. For what ever the reason is that you may be living alone but you still feel the need for something there with you other than a human.


The Scottish fold can fill this void quite well. The Scottish fold is quiet and not demanding for attention. However if you should feel that you need or wish to give or even if you should need attention the Scottish fold can help with this. The fold can be a loving and giving creature as well as a receiving creature.

Some people who choose to live alone but need and want a pet will in fact choose a Scottish fold because of its gentle nature and the Scottish folds reputation of being one of the best pets in America right now. The Scottish fold is gaining in its numbers in the family household and single households also.


Your and your Scottish fold will be able to live together much better than another kind of a pet that some people have. Most people who have other kinds of pets other than a Scottish fold. Have had many difficulties with these other pets; because the pets are not as calm as the Scottish fold breed of cat is. Therefore, you will have the advantage over your friends who may have dogs, or even other breeds of cats as household pets.

You and your Scottish fold can co-exist in the same home happily for many years to come. You may even find that you are much happier living with the Scottish fold than you ever were with people.