What to Feed your Scottish Fold

Deciding what to feed your Scottish fold can be a big decision today. There are literally hundreds of different choices. Some things that an owner should keep in mind when choosing a cat food for your Scottish fold; are things like the suggestions as follows.


The cat food should be a quality name brand cat food that has been around for many years like Purina, IAMS, 9 Lives, Fancy Feast, Meow Mix and there are many, many more to chose from.


These name brand food company’s have been around for many years and they have done extensive research on pets and the foods they provide. Therefore, they know all about what your Scottish fold need daily to remain as healthy as possible.

These foods provide daily fats, vitamins, nutrients, protein, essential oils, and minerals too. All of these things are what your Scottish fold needs daily to survive and be healthy.

Now the foods come in soft, canned and dry forms for you to feed to your Scottish fold these companies even make kitten foods too for the babies. A kitten food should be, fed to a baby or a young Scottish fold for the first nine months to one year to provide the young fold with the proper vitamins daily.

For the older adult Scottish folds they need adult cat foods daily. The amount and feeding directions will be, provided in a chart on the bag, box, or cat food container the foods come in. Owners need simply to follow the directions of the package.

Owners should play close attention to the cat’s diet as cats love to nibble often during the day between naps. If the fold eats all of the daily amounts that is, stated on the pet food package then do not feed the Scottish fold more than this amount. Cats can be come overweight quickly. Owners should keep the treats to a minimum as well.


Now owners can even make the foods that their pets eat daily. When pet food is homemade fresh daily then the owners know what their pets are eating daily. Owners can find homemade pet food recipes on the internet, or at the library and the recipes use fresh meats, vitamins and other ingredients that are all healthy for your Scottish fold. A cat’s natural food is meat therefore, it makes sense that you would want to feed your Scottish fold what is the best for the fold.


Whatever cat food you choose for your Scottish fold to eat will be a good choice for the fold all name brand pets foods are good quality, and even if you choose to make your pets food, you will still be giving him or her, the best possible daily foods.

The most important thing is your Scottish folds good health and all of these choices will keep the fold as healthy as, he or she can be. With the proper foods and regular veterinarian visits, exercise the Scottish fold can live for many happy healthy years.