Train Your Scottish Fold Cat

Most people do not believe that it is possible to train a cat. However, you can train a Scottish fold cat. The Scottish fold breed of the feline species is one of the top ten pets in the world and one of the smartest breeds of cat.



Even if you only wish to teach the cat a few things or you wish the cat to perform stunts, it is not as hard as you think it is. All you will need is the knowledge, the time and patients to train the Scottish fold.


The first thing you need to find is a training tool this can be a book, video, or an audio tape or cd. You should go over the training information first to make sure you are familiar with the proper training steps. Then when you have the ample time to work with the Scottish fold, you can begin the training.

The Scottish fold can be, trained to use a litter box, to come when it is, called, the Scottish fold can be, trained to fetch, and even other things like to jump from one place to another. There are many other things the folds can be, trained to do as long as it is safe for the fold.


It is best to use a treat or something that the Scottish fold likes as a treat. Use the treat to motion the Scottish fold where and to what you wish to fold to do. This will easily let the fold know what you expect of the fold. When the fold does what it is that you are trying to accomplish then you can give the treat to the Scottish fold as a reward.

Some people use a clicker to train a Scottish fold this is also an excellent way to train a fold. However, this may take more time that treat training the fold. As many believe, the treat is an incentive to learn for the cat. If the Scottish fold receives, a treat when he or she does what is required then he or she will try harder to please for the treat.


It is really up to the individual owners as to the methods that he or she will use to train the cat to do what the owner wishes the Scottish fold to do. This also depends upon with the training book, video, audio tape or the cd suggests as well. If the training aide suggest that you use a specific method of rewarding the Scottish fold then it is best to do so.

The Scottish fold will learn the tricks easily whichever method of reward you are, recommended to use. Moreover, some times the Scottish fold does not even require a treat or an incentive to learn the tricks being, taught. The Scottish fold may simply understand what you are, wanting him or her to do and do it.

Please keep in mind that each individual Scottish fold is different and some may need more time and patients.