Toys for Your Scottish Fold

Toys are an important part of the health, play, and exercise of your Scottish folds life. Toys must be, used daily and the Scottish fold must have plenty of toys that he or she likes to play with. The toys are, used to stimulate the mind of the Scottish fold to keep the pet sharp and active.


If a Scottish fold just lies around the home all day, he or she is bored and if they eat to replace the boredom, your fold will develop health issues. This is why toys are important. The fold needs colors and different textures to the toys to keep the toys interesting to the fold.


There are many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of the cat toys now that are available to you to choose for you fold. You will want to have a variety, as the fold will like some of the toys more than it will like the others. Some examples of some of the different cat toys choices are balls, mice, toys with feathers that resemble birds, and many others.

Some of the toys make sounds and some toys are, filled with catnip, and some toys have small bells inside them as well. The catnip is an herb that grows in gardens. This herb give an intoxicating effect to the Scottish fold somewhat like the effect a drug would have on a human. The catnip is also a form of attraction to the cat. Some owners do not use catnip or catnip toys for their folds because of the drug like effect it has on the Scottish folds and other cats.


The toys should be plenty of good healthy stimulation for the Scottish fold during the day to play with and get plenty of exercise. If you happen to have more than one Scottish fold, please keep plenty of different toys around the home for all of the cats to have a favorite toy. This way one will always have it favorite toy to initiate a game of keep away or take away if the fold wish.

Nearly all toys are pet safe however; you may still wish to inspect the toys.

Please inspect the toys for tiny or small parts the cat may swallow or anything that the cat may poke itself with if the toy breaks, some balls with small bells inside them could break exposing the bells and the Scottish fold might swallow the bells.


Metal will react to the acids in an animal’s stomach and make the animals system septic or poisonous. This could make your Scottish fold greatly ill and if the metal is not, removed and antibiotics given, the Scottish fold could die. Toys are fun for the fold to play with but toys can be a danger as well if your Scottish fold were to ingest a part of the toy the ingested particles may cause a blockage and the fold could become ill from this as well.

Just be cautious when buying toys for your Scottish fold.