The Scottish Fold as a Family Pet

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a family pet, dogs can be loud and can even be messy at times, snakes are dangerous to small children, and rodents tend to bite and are, believed to carry diseases. Birds as pets can be noisy and messy as well. There are also rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other animal’s people keep as pets in their homes. The Scottish fold cat is an excellent choice as a family pet and there are many reasons why.


The Scottish fold is a cat or a member of the feline species; everyone knows that cats are extremely clean animals. Cats’ are much calmer and quieter than dogs. Cats groom themselves, so there is less care needed and the Scottish fold will use a litter box. A dog needs to be, let outside and walked often to relieve itself by the owner.


The Scottish fold as a family pet, will easily fit into your home and your family’s daily routine. The Scottish fold does not get excited and boisterous, at visitors, guests, or other animals coming into and out of the home it lives in. The Scottish fold is a gentle and calm creature.

The Scottish fold is perfectly fine with the normal or with the busy routine of a busy family life. The fold does like to be included in the family activities when the family all, gather at home. However, the Scottish fold is also content to have the peace and quiet when the family is out attending to daily business as well.


The versatility of the Scottish fold breed is one of the many reasons why the Scottish fold makes a wonderful pet for any family. The Scottish fold is one of the top ten family pets as of now in America and growing in popularity daily. This is because of its adaptability to different lifestyles.

The Scottish fold is perfect for an elderly individual, multi member families, or just an individual or a couple living together in one home. The Scottish fold even does well with other different pets in the same home. Other cats or even dogs in the home of the Scottish fold are well, tolerated by the Scottish fold.


Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best choices for a family pet for your family or someone you may know that needs a loving companion to keep the person from being lonely. The Scottish fold is the perfect pet in this type of situation.

It is a proven fact that if an elderly person who lives alone has a cat or other animal to care for they are much happier and they have a purpose to their life. The elderly person will even live longer and have a better quality of live while living alone with a pet. The pet gives them something to focus on other than having time to sit and be lonely.

Moreover, the Scottish fold will need the care of the elderly individual as much as the elderly person needs something to care for.