Scottish Folds and Small Children in the Home

One of the main reasons as to why the Scottish fold is one of Americas top ten pets. Is the fact that the Scottish fold is patient and tolerant of small children? This is why many families with small children have the Scottish fold as a pet.


The Scottish fold breed of cat is a quiet good-natured creature. It does not require the constant attention of an owner; or to be, held constantly. However, this is not to say that the Scottish fold does not wish to be, held at all.


The Scottish folds does love petting, scratching, loving, and does like to be held. Younger and smaller children love animals and they do tend to want to wag a pet around or try to carry a pet around. The small children should be, taught the proper way to hold and to carry the Scottish fold so they do not grab, or carry the fold too tightly. A small child may tend to hold the Scottish fold too tightly; and not meaning to accidentally, injure the fold.

With the Scottish folds good nature it does have patients with the smaller children unless the child were to hurt the fold. Then it may not be as tolerant of the child. However, most of the time this is why the Scottish folds are; chosen for a family with small or younger children.


Another reason as to why the Scottish fold may be, chosen as a pet; is the fact that the Scottish fold does not require full time care and grooming. Care of the fold is easy as daily feeding, daily brushing, and some love and attention is all the Scottish fold requires. This is easy for a small child to accomplish and teaches the child how to care for another living thing.

The child will need to be, taught how to brush the fold, feed the fold, and how to clean the folds litter box daily. This can be the small child’s daily chores and teach responsibility. Furthermore, if the fold and the child are both young and they grow up together they will create a special bond between them.


The Scottish fold will usually bond to one person in the home more than other. The person who the fold bonds to is usually the one most responsible for the greater part of its care. Therefore, if one of your children bond with the Scottish fold then your child will have a friend for life. The Scottish fold, will likely want to stay where the child is at all times and may even sleep in the same room with the child as well.

Most animals especially cats do not bond with people. Some cat’s are, independent and lonesome creatures, on the other hand, some cat breeds are just the opposite of the Scottish fold. There are those cats that want the owner to hold, love on, and pet them constantly.

Therefore, again this is why the Scottish fold is such a wonderful, loving, affectionate pet, as it does not require constant owner attention.