How to get Rid of Fleas on Your Scottish Fold

The best way to get rid of fleas if you have a flea problem is to wage all out war. One flea can mean thousands of fleas in and around everywhere, you fold goes in your home. Moreover, if you’re Scottish fold, goes outside then you must treat your yard as well.


First, you should treat the inside of your home with a strong, guarantee flea product. Then you will have to treat all of the places that your Scottish fold hangs out at inside your home, cat tree, cat bed, and furniture as well. The sprays are much better than the dusts. The sprays will saturate any flea eggs that may have been, laid in your home.


Then you will need to spray or dip your pet cat to be, rid of the fleas on the Scottish fold. This may need to be, repeated if the fleas are numerous on the pet. There is also a topical medication or insecticide you can get from the veterinarian to treat fleas on your pet.

The topical medication will not rid the fleas form the home or the yard they only work on the pet. The product will last for two weeks and it is expensive to use and will only work if the product does not get wet.

Most pet owners prefer products that will last and are less expensive. Many of these dips work well to rid your home, yard, and pet of the fleas.


Next, you must treat your entire yard periodically during the summer months as well. Fleas are, carried on many different animals and not just your pet Scottish fold. The fleas are, carried by rats, raccoons; other dogs, and cats as well as some other animals. These animals can and do get into your yard and will leave the fleas behind.

You will need a small hand held sprayer and a good quality flea insecticide to spray the entire yard, and any brush or bushes in the yard also. Be sure to saturate the ground to ensure that any eggs are, killed. If you do not kill the flea eggs, you will have more fleas. You must treat the yard, as the directions on the product requires. Otherwise, you will have a new batch of baby fleas to deal with when they hatch out.


By treating all of these places at the same time you do not allow the fleas, a place to escape to that has not been, treated. It is best to set aside one entire day to treat, clean, wash the entire home, and yard for fleas. You must also treat any other animals you have as well to prevent the fleas from running to the other animals to escape the flea spray.

This is the best way, to get rid of fleas on your Scottish fold cat and pets. This will keep your home and your yard flea free all year.